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Targeted Doctor Lists by State
Target your marketing campaigns with precision, reaching doctors in specific states
  • Reach doctors nationwide
  • Access in all 50 states
  • Access thousands of Verified doctors' emails
  • Find doctors easily in your desired state
List By States
  • Covered All 50 US States
  • Over 10M Doctors List
Doctors by statesNumber of RecordsEmail PackageComplete Package
Targeted Lists by Specialist
Target doctors in specific specialties for your marketing campaigns
  • Reach specialists across the healthcare industry
  • Choose from a wide range of specialties
  • Find the right healthcare professionals
  • Enhance your outreach to medical professionals
  • Perfect for pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment suppliers
List By Specialist
  • Wide range of Specialties
  • Over 10M Doctors List
Doctors by SpecialtiesNumber of RecordsComplete Package
Available Data Fields
If you are looking for a specific doctor list in a particular state in the USA
  • Access to one of the largest doctor email databases
  • Access a massive database of over 10 million records
  • Perfect for large-scale marketing campaigns
  • Target your marketing campaigns
  • Access valuable market intelligence
Complete Doctor List
  • Perfect for large-scale marketing campaigns
  • Over 10M Doctors List
Package NameEmail PackageComplete Package
Complete List$549(249,371)